A Single Provider of Steam Trap and Compressed Air Surveys
and Gas Detection Calibration and Repair Services

in the New England area

  • Surveys - to help maintain systems, reduce energy costs, and minimize downtime

    Steam Traps - State of the art surveys and preventive maintenance programs for heating and production steam traps using the latest ultrasonic and temperature differential testing tools.

    • Compressed Air - Compressed air system surveys as used in production lines, pneumatics, and elsewhere in industry

    Services - to maintain instruments and their calibration for best performance

      Instrument Repair - Service and repair portable and fixed instruments for gas detection and other industrial hygiene, safety, and environmental applications  

      Calibration - Calibration services and sale of calibration gases to meet manufacturers specifications and an affordable source for calibration gases


        innovative – understanding your unique needs and providing custom, comprehensive, tailored solutions
        integrated – reducing maintenance costs and facility downtime by providing creative ways to integrate multiple maintenance programs
        industrial ingenuity – bringing more than 40 years of experience to serve your needs