Gases, Regulators & Accessories

We sell a wide range of calibration gases, regulators, and accessories, including:
  • NIST traceable disposable and refillable calibration gas cylinders.
  • Single gas or mixtures.
  • Full line of fixed flow, multi-flow, and demand flow regulators.
  • Sampling hose, fittings, carry cases,tedlar bags, and stands.
Calibration gases

Available in disposable and refillable cylinders, in single gas or mixtures, balance air or balance nitrogen. Certified NIST-traceable accuracy, equal to calibration gases supplied by any instrument manufacturer at a much lower cost.

Range of gases available include:
Air Zero
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide
CFC'S/HCFC'S/HFC'S (Refrigerants)
Hydrogen (H2)
Methane (CH4)
Nitrogen (N2)
Nitrous Oxide
Oxygen (O2)

We also sell a range of regulators to fit multiple cylinders and cylinder emptying tools to ensure legal shipment of returned shipment.