Instrument Repair & Calibration

iFacility Services specializes in the service and repair of: portable and fixed instruments for gas detection, industrial hygiene, safety, and environmental applications; respiratory equipment (full and half face respirators, powered air purifying respirators (paprs), airline systems, and self contained breathing apparatus (scbas), and breather boxes).
  • All work is done to factory specification with NIST traceable standards.
  • On-site service calls are prescheduled, reducing downtime and avoiding emergency service calls
  • Calibration work is documented for proper record keeping
On-site service is available in the six New England States – Maine (ME), New Hampshire (NH), Vermont (VT),Massachusetts (MA), Rhode Island (RI), and Connecticut (CT).

Service is also available by shipping instruments to our state of the art calibration lab.

Multi-year service contracts are available for annual, quarterly, and monthly calibration and repair.

Capabilities include:
  • Portable gas detectors and fixed gas detection systems – Draeger. Honeywell, RAE, MSA, RKI, ISC, Biosystems, and others
  • Photo ionization detectors (pids) – RAE, Ion Science, Photovac, and others
  • Sound level meters – Casella, Quest, Metrosonics, Larson Davis, and others
  • Noise dosimeters - Casella, Quest, Metrosonics, Larson Davis, and others
  • Octave band analyzers - Casella, Quest, Metrosonics, Larson Davis, and others
  • Aerosol/Dust analyzers – Casella, TSI, Kanomax, Hazdust, and others
  • Indoor air quality monitors – KD, TSI, Quest, Metrosonics, and others
  • Anemometers – Kanomax, TSI, Alnor, Extech, and others
  • Personal sampling pumps – Casella, A.P. Buck, Gillian, MSA, SKC, and others
  • Combustion efficiency meters – Testo, Bachrach, and others
  • Refrigerant monitors – portable instruments and fixed systems for the detection of freons, ammonia, and carbon dioxide leaks
  • KD Engineering – we are the exclusive factory service center for all KD products. We have the factory software to properly calibrate and service these instruments.
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